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Most good things get even better as they age but if not stored properly, the cigar is not one of them. Cigars consist of natural tobacco leaves and they lose their flavors and aroma with time. This is a natural process but it can be controlled to a certain extent with the help of special instruments specially built for the very purpose of storing them! 

A cigar humidor is a special cigar storing box that maintains appropriate humidity and temperature level to ensure that your cigars remain fresh when you actually use them.



Why You Need a Cigar Humidor for Your Man Cave

Your man cave is your sanctuary to spend your peaceful time. This is your very personal space and most definitely consists of things you love to do and that includes cigar smoking. If you are into cigars, a cigar humidor is a piece of must-have equipment for your man cave.

Although cigars lose their flavor if not stored properly, on the flip side, their taste can actually improve if proper humidity and temperature levels are maintained. It saves them from getting stale and pale. 


How Large Do You Want Your Humidor to Be?

Now, there are a lot of humidor models available in the market and they all come in varying sizes. If you store just a couple of boxes of cigars at a time, a small humidor should serve you right. However, if you are a cigar collector and love to bring in and display all types of cigars you should go for a larger size. For the hobbyist, check out these 10 recommended starter humidors!



What are the Different Kinds of Styles and Finishes?

If you are a collector then you may also want to display and brag about your cigars as well. Just storing the cigars will not satisfy you completely. Luckily, a lot of models are available on the market that will blend beautifully with your furniture and will complement your overall decor. You want a humidor that enhances your man cave and adds to your overall vibe. 

A lot of styles are available in the market and should easily find one that suits your personality and collection!


Where Should You Store a Cigar Humidor?

When considering what to look for in a humidor, you also have to consider where you shoudl store it! Of course, you're here because you're storing your humidor in your man cave. However, the real question is where in your man cave your humidor should go. Humidors are equipped with temperature and humidity controlling devices. That doesn't mean they can just be placed wherever they fit though. Try to keep your humidor away from windows or vents to prevent temperature changes.

If you have a large collection then you definitely want to brag about it in front of your visitors. So, your humidor should be put in a part of your man cave that allows you to do just that! Just make sure it fits without being too snug or too out in the open. 



How do You Maintain a Humidor?

Most modern humidors are electric equipment. Caring for them is fairly easy. You should clean them frequently and ensure its maintenance as per the manual they come with!


Final Thoughts

Your man cave should be all about you. If you are into cigars it's time you got yourself an appropriate cigar humidor to compliment your hobby today!


Your Elegant Bar:

Our Best Selling Cigar Humidors


C380A Electronic Humidor Cabinet 

 best selling cigar humidors 


  • Holds up to 1,500 cigars
  • Regrigeration system eliminates frost and condensation
  • Two temperature and humidity sensors
  • Air vents on each shelf
  • Spanish cedarwood shelves are durable and long lasting


Mon 1800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

best selling cigar humidors for your man cave  


  • Holds up to 900 scars
  • Compact size makes it great for small mancaves
  • Touchscreen control panel to monitor control settings and humidity levels
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • 5 shelves for organization and storage


The Barbatus

 cigar humidors for your man cave  



  • Holds up to 2,000 cigars
  • Six shelves for storage
  • Glass front door for easy viewing and stunning display
  • 12 adjustable dividers for organization
  • Includes 12 humidifers


Model 5015 Commercial Cigar Cabinet Humidor

Large cigar humidors for the man cave


  • Six adjustable racks
  • Holds several thousand cigars
  • Pre-installed LED lighting for display
  • Tempered glass easy-open doors
  • Optional humidifier


Check Out More of Your Elegant Bar's 
for Your Man Cave!

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