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Amish WoodTop Solid Maple Humidor | 50 Cigars

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H50C Amish Crafted Cigar Humidor by American Chest Company

Proudly made in the USA by talented Amish craftsmen, the WoodTop Humidor is exquisitely handcrafted from genuine North American hardwood. This cigar box features solid maple construction and heritage cherry finish for a beautiful and classic look that fits any room. The WoodTop small humidor is designed and produced by the American Chest Co. which is a prominent chest making company situated in the Green Mountains and forests of the Northeast.

The Amish crafted humidor has a finished "WoodTop" on the inner lid that brings out the elegance of the cigar box’s interior. It also allows all components to attach to the inside of the lid neatly and effortlessly using magnets and Velcro. To help preserve the longevity of your stogie collection, an analog hygrometer and a Boveda humidification system are included in every WoodTop humidor box.

H50C Amish Crafted Cigar Humidor with Heritage Cherry Finish

50-Cigar Storage Desktop Humidor

With a dimension of 12 ¾” L x 8 ¼” D x 3 ¾” H, the WoodTop Amish humidor is perfect for the occasional cigar smoker and those who want a compact solution for keeping cigars at home or in the office. Able to store up to 50 cigars, this wooden cigar box also comes with a movable divider for sorting and arranging specific stogies. If you need a larger space to accommodate a personal collection, we highly recommend the H75M/W WoodTop Cigar Humidor available in Mahogany or Walnut finish.

Spanish Cedar Lined Humidor

The WoodTop Amish Solid Maple humidor features Spanish cedar in the linings to protect and best age your finest cigars. This type of wood is popular among enthusiasts and is known for its porous quality that provides high humidity absorption, so your stogies stay plump and fresh. Spanish cedar also has a distinctive smell that protects against tobacco beetles that chew and damage cigars. Plus, it releases a pleasant scent that enhances both the cigar’s flavor and aroma.

H50C Amish Crafted Cigar Humidor Analog Hygrometer

Cigar Box with Analog Hygrometer

To keep humidity levels stable, the WoodTop Amish cigar humidor comes with an analog hygrometer for measuring the humidity levels. Coupled with an excellent seal, this display meter allows you to monitor the desired level of humidity, so you know when to add or remove excess moisture. The analog hygrometer also has the appeal of style and antiquity that further enhances the beauty of the WoodTop Solid Maple small humidor.

H50C Amish Crafted Cigar Humidor Boveda Humidity Control

Boveda Humidification Control

Boveda humidity packs provide an inexpensive and maintenance-free humidity control for the WoodTop Amish wooden cigar box. Each packet contains a natural solution of salts and water enclosed in a reverse osmosis membrane that releases clean and pure water vapor. This saturated solution maintains a predetermined relative humidity level by automatically releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to provide a stable controlled climate for cigars. Replacement Boveda humidity packs are also available in 8-gram or 60-gram packets with various RH levels.

50 cigars
12 ¾” L x 8 ¼” D x 3 ¾” H
Material Hardwood
Finish Heritage Cherry
Interior Lining
Spanish cedar
Divider 1 - Movable
Humidifier Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control
Hygrometer Analog
Warranty 2-year replacement for all manufacturing problems or defects

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