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Whynter Cigar Cooler Humidor 4.2 cu. ft. | 400 Cigars

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Whynter CHC-421HC Touch Control Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler

Experience state-of-the-art climate-control with the CHC-421HC Whynter Cigar Cooler! This freestanding humidor cabinet features a digital hygrometer and a cooling system for cigar aging and preservation with maximum precision. Equally hydrates your treasured stogies, the Whynter cigar humidor is equipped with dual internal fans to maintain an evenly cooled humidor with consistent temperatures and moisture distribution. Flaunts a stainless-steel trimmed glass door, this cabinet humidor looks absolutely stylish while keeping your cigar collection crisp and safe.

Whynter CHC-421HC Touch Control Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler

4.2 Cubic Feet Cigar Storage

The Whynter CHC-421HC humidor has a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet and can carry over 400 cigars. With a compact size of 19.75” W x 22.84” D x 30” H, it provides enough cigar storage space to accommodate a growing arsenal. When opening the tempered glass door, the inside of this cigar cooler humidor reveals a half shelf with a dimension of 16.18″ W x 16.85 D x 2.72″ H and a 16.18″ W x 8.89″ D x 1.18″ H wood trim. It also consists of three removable drawers that measure 16.02″ W x 2.76″ D x 0.39″ H, making it perfect for storing singles or cigars in their original boxes.

Fitted with a professional quality towel bar handle, the Whynter cigar humidor has a sleek and streamlined design that blends well with contemporary furniture. The stainless-steel glass door comes with a security lock and key to protect your precious cigars from nimble-fingered guests. This cigar cooler also features ambient lighting with an on/off touch button to brighten the interior and showcase an impressive cigar display that catches everyone’s attention.

Whynter CHC-421HC Touch Control Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler

Digital Hygrometer & Temperature Controlled Humidor

Offers a hassle-free microclimate calibration and maintenance, the CHC-421HC Whynter cigar cooler boasts a digital temperature display and thermostat that is adjustable between 64 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling system is powered by a high-performance compressor with eco-friendly R600a refrigerant. This humidor cabinet is also integrated with a digital hygrometer and moisture control that can be configured within the optimal range of 65% to 75% relative humidity (RH) using the front touch panel.

This Whynter humidor contains a humidification tray for use with your preferred solution or moisture beads. It is also equipped with two activated carbon filters that effectively remove odors that could contaminate the integrity of cigars. Before you use the Whynter cigar humidor for the first time, we recommend seasoning the shelves and drawers first. Simply dampen a cloth with distilled water and wipe all the cedar wood inside the humidor.

Whynter CHC-421HC Touch Control Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler

Spanish Cedar Fortified Interior

The CHC-421HC Whynter cigar cooler humidor is fitted with true Spanish cedar drawers and shelves. Regarded as the best wood for humidors, it balances humidity levels by absorbing excess water and releasing stored moisture when conditions inside the humidor become too dry. Spanish cedar also emits a pleasing aroma that enriches the flavor of cigars and makes them a pleasure to smoke. Naturally resistant to mold growth and termites, this wood helps maintain the top-notch quality of your fine stogies.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, the Whynter CHC-421HC stainless steel humidor is built using long-lasting parts and components. It is also ETL certified and passed rigorous safety tests and standards, making it the perfect cabinet humidor for long-term cigar storage and aging.

Whynter CHC-421HC Touch Control Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler Manual

4.2 cu. ft. | 400+ cigars
19.75” W x 22.84” D x 30” H (with handle installed)
Net Weight 88 lbs
Shipping Weight 105 lbs
Material Stainless steel, Solid wood
Finish Black
Interior Lining
Spanish cedar
3 Removable - 16.02″ W x 2.76″ D x 0.39″ H
Half Shelf
 1 Removable- 16.18″ W x 16.85 D x 2.72″ H
Wood Trim  1 Removable - 16.18″ W x 8.89″ D x 1.18″ H
Stainless steel trimmed glass door
Digital Thermostat Temperature Range 64ºF – 72ºF
Cooling Powerful compressor with eco-friendly R600a refrigerant
Digital Hygrometer Humidity Range 65% – 75%
Touch Control Panel Yes
LCD Temperature & Humidity Display Yes
Interior LED Lighting Yes
Dual Internal Fan-Forced Circulation Yes
Noise Level <45 dBa
Power Consumption 90 Watts / 1.5A
Voltage 110V / 60Hz
Electronic Humidification Built-in
Digital Hygrometer Built-in
Certification ETL
Warranty 1-Year Limited

Customer Reviews

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Gary B.
It works but not perfectly

The unit works but not as expected. There is not a heating option, so if you store this unit in a cold place it will never reach 70F.
There is an odd odor, but can be cleaned up with some effort.
The customer service with E Bar is average, but they are friendly. They will push you off to the manufacturer who are not very responsive, but eventually answer questions.

I would not purchase this unit again. Hopefully, it will last more than a couple years.

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