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Smokemaster X-11Q Electronic Smoke Eater

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SmokeMaster X-11Q Ceiling-Mounted Electronic Air Cleaner (Flush Mount)

The Smokemaster X-11Q Electronic Air Cleaner is a workhouse at removing tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, and other airborne particles to ensure the freshest smelling air. Perfect for use in smoking lounges, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, and other spaces, this self-contained commercial air cleaner utilizes an advanced air filtration system to greatly improve indoor air quality and help you save on heating and cooling bills.

Constructed of sturdy corrosion-resistant steel, the Smokemaster X-11Q smoke eater has a cabinet dimension of 48" L x 24" W x 13 5/8" H that comes in Black or Off-White to match any room decor. With up to 1,000 square feet of airflow coverage, this air filtration system features a powerful motor-driven fan that operates at three speeds and produces 350 CFM on low, 725 CFM on medium and 1,100 CFM on the highest setting. The X-11Q industrial air cleaner also provides quiet operation with its elastomeric suspension system that eliminates vibration noise, making it ideal for areas where the noise level is a factor.

SmokeMaster X-11Q Ceiling-Mounted Electronic Air Cleaner

360-Degree Airflow with Comprehensive Filtration

With its unique 4-way air re-circulation method, the Smokemaster X-11Q commercial air cleaner takes advantage of the Coanda Aerodynamic Principle which disperses a 360-degree airflow. This effective airflow pattern ensures that the maximum amount of contaminated air enters the smoke eater in the most efficient way. Creates a more comfortable and refreshing environment, this air cleaner gently and evenly circulates clean air while eliminating stuffy air pockets and annoying drafts.

The first stage of the air filtration process is the washable Metal Mesh Pre-Filter which traps large particles such as hair, lint, and pollen. The Smokemaster X-11Q industrial air cleaner also has an optional heavy-duty Polytron Pre-Filter that provides better protection to the electronic cell by capturing more airborne particles and taking care of wet or misty smoke. Traps over 97% of contaminants, the air passes through the second stage of filtration which uses Electrostatic Precipitation. This process involves electrically charging the pollution particles as they pass the ionizing section of the Electronic Cells, forcing them to stick to the reversely charged collector plates. The third and final filtration stage is the Carbon Post Filter which effectively removes odors, VOC, and toxic gases so you can breathe cleaner and odor-free air. The electronic cells and prefilter in the air cleaner must be washed regularly with a detergent concentrate (sold separately) to maintain peak efficiency.

SmokeMaster X-11Q Ceiling-Mounted Electronic Air Cleaner

Easy Flush Mount Installation

Fits into the space of one 2’ x 4’ or two 2’ x 2’ tiles, the X-11Q smoke eater is designed to be installed within a T-bar drop ceiling. With the cabinet hidden above the drop ceiling panel, this industrial air cleaner features an attractive grille that fits flush with the ceiling and has a minimalist and inconspicuous appearance. The intake grille conveniently swings down while the four louvered exhaust grilles are adjustable and can be disassembled and reassembled to provide alternate air patterns. Includes special-mounting brackets, this commercial air cleaner has sharp edges so wearing gloves during installation is a must.

Reduce Costly Filter Replacements

The Smokemaster X-11Q Electronic Air Cleaner is guaranteed from material and workmanship defects for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. This smoke eater has no throwaway filter or other parts that need to be occasionally replaced. Both the prefilter and electronic collector cells can be washed and used repeatedly, reducing costly filter replacements. Please note that the carbon filter cannot be washed and needs to be replaced every 3 to 4 months. The X-11Q commercial air cleaner also has a removable power module that contains all electronic circuitry for hassle-free service.


Product manual


Coverage Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
3-Speed Airflow Low - 350 CFM | Medium - 725 CFM | High - 1,100 CFM
Dimensions 48" L x 24" W x 13 5/8" H
Installation Flushmount - Fits into one 2' x 4' or two 2' x 2' ceiling tiles
Cabinet Sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel - Off-White or Black
Installed Weight 83 lbs
Shipping Weight 101 lbs

Fan / Motor

 Elastomeric suspension system eliminates vibration noise
Power Consumption Low - 120W, 1.3A  | Medium - 140W, 1.5A | High - 185W, 1.8A
Voltage Required 120V, 60 Hz - Hardwire
Sound Level db(A) Low - 51 | Medium - 59 | High - 61

3-Filter System

Pre-Filter - Metal mesh
Optional - Heavy-duty Polytron Pre-Filter
Electronic Cells - 105.80 sq. ft.
Carbon Post Filters - Two for each side

Efficiency Up to 97% per ASHRAE
Certifications UL & CSA Listed
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Fred H.
Clean air

This smoke eater is doing a great job keeping the air clean in our club. We run it on low and it keeps up even when we have a large crowd. Very pleased with the performance and quality.

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Ask a Question
  • what is the maximum can cover this smoke master eater

    Hi Paul, it depends on what you are using it for and the ceiling height. So, for example, if you have a room size 25'L x 19'W x 9'H and you have multiple people smoking cigars in the room at a time you will need 12 air changes and 855 CFM. This machine gives 850 CFM and will be sufficient for that room. But for a bigger room, you will need 2 machines. If you want to give us a call at 8885013227 with room dimensions and the purpose of use we can find out how many CFM you will need.