Smokemaster C-12 – Self-Contained Electronic Air Cleaning System

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SmokeMaster C-12 Surface Mount Commercial Smoke Remover

The SmokeMaster C-12 is a highly efficient commercial air cleaner with electrostatic cells that catch both airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants, specifically from tobacco or hookah smoke. Its advanced air filtration system dramatically improves indoor air quality which benefits smokers, non-smokers, and even allergy sufferers. This smoke eater is designed to be installed in rooms with solid ceilings or walls (mounting hardware sold separately) and is perfect for cigar bars, laboratory, or light manufacturing applications.

With a low-profile design and powder-coated finish options in Black or Ivory, the SmokeMaster C-12 air cleaner fits any room décor. It has a cabinet dimension of 25" L x 25" W x 11 1/2" H and an attractive intake grille that adds to its minimalist look. This industrial air cleaner features a large airflow coverage of up to 1,000 square feet and a motor-driven fan with three adjustable speed control that produces 800 CFM on low, 1,050 CFM on medium, and 1,250 CFM on high.

SmokeMaster C-12 Surface Mount Commercial Air Cleaner

Highly Efficient Air Cleaning Solution

The SmokeMaster C-12 commercial air cleaner uses the unique four-way Coanda Aerodynamic Principle which recirculates the air evenly in multiple directions. This airflow pattern optimizes the amount of contaminated air that is sucked in the machine to deliver cleaner and fresher-smelling air in the most efficient way.

The first stage of the air filtration process is the reusable aluminum mesh Pre-Filter that captures larger particles such as hair, lint, and pollen. Air then enters the second stage which is the Electronic Cells with ceramic insulators that catch 97% of airborne contaminants on each pass. By utilizing a process called electrostatic precipitation, the charged air particles easily adhere to the heavy-duty collector plates. If you need to remove strong odors, the SmokeMaster C-12 industrial air cleaner has optional Carbon Post Filters that get rid of smells from chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as harmful gases.

SmokeMaster C-12 Surface Mount Commercial Air Cleaner

Convenient Safety Features

The SmokeMaster C-12 air cleaner has a safety interlock system that prevents the unit from turning on when the grille is not in a secure position. This smoke eater also has an amber system light that monitors the electrical output and notifies you quickly when the machine is not working properly. Plus, the C-12 air filtration system is equipped with a test button that produces an audible snap when pressed to indicate the proper function of the collector cells. With a hinged access door, the C-12 smoke eater provides the convenient access needed when servicing components or cleaning and replacing filters. Also, the electronic cells have built-in grip handles for easy and quick removal. 

Cost-Effective and Practical

Instead of investing in an expensive exhaust system, get the SmokeMaster C-12 commercial air cleaner and save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs annually. This air filtration system prevents tobacco smoke and particles from settling down on windows, mirrors, walls, draperies, and furniture – no more excessive cleaning and redecorating expenses! Plus, the aluminum prefilters and the electronic cells are easily cleaned by soaking in a conventional wash container so you can use them repeatedly (cleaning detergent is sold separately). The SmokeMaster C-12 smoke eater offers a 1-year warranty.

Replacement Filters & Accessories (Contact us to order)

  • Replacement Smokemaster C-12 Pre-filters (set of 2)- 41009 ($108)
  •  Heavy Duty Pre-Filters for Smokemaster C-12(Set of 2) - 41067 ($437.45)
  •  Optional Carbon After-Filter Set for C-12 (set of 4) - 41051 ($187)
  •  Replacement Smokemaster Electronic Cell - 07316 ($580)
  •  Replacement Ionizing Wires for Smokemaster Electronic Air Cleaners - 38004 ($35)
  •  Optional Wall Mount Kit for C-12 Electronic Air Cleaner - 07006 ($287.45)
  •  Optional Lag Screw Kit to Ceiling Mount the C-12 Air Cleaner - 05053 ($37.45)
  •  Electronic Cell Washing Container - 30182 ($197.45)
  •  Simple Clean Cell Cleaning Detergent Powder(32 oz. Container) - 45039 ($81.20)
  •  Total Electronic Cell Cleaning Detergent - 45036 ($93.70)
  •  Electronic Cell Coat Spray - 45023 ($44.95)
  •  Electronic Cell Coat - 1 Gallon Refill - 45024 ($112.45)  

Product Manual

Product manual


Coverage Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
3-Speed Airflow Low - 800 CFM | Medium - 1,050 CFM | High - 1,250 CFM
Dimensions 25" L x 25" W x 11 1/2" H
Installation Ceiling mount or wall mount (does not include mounting hardware)
Cabinet Galvanized steel construction with powder coat finish - Black or Ivory
Installed Weight 69 lbs
Shipping Weight 79 lbs
Power Consumption Low - 220W, 2.4A  | Medium - 250W, 2.7A | High - 300W, 3.3A
Voltage Required 120 VAC | 60 Hz
Sound Level db(A) Low - 58 | Medium - 65 | High - 69

3-Filter System

Pre-Filter - Aluminum mesh
Optional - Heavy-duty Pre-Filter
Electronic Cells - 105.80 sq. ft.
Optional - Carbon Post Filters

Efficiency Up to 99.8% at 1,000 CFM airflow per ASHRAE
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

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    Available in 120Vac or 240Vac.

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