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LA2-RC2-HOC Heavy-Duty Commercial HEPA Air Purifier

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LA2-RC2-HOC Heavy-Duty Commercial HEPA Air Purifier

The LA2-RC2-HOC draws soiled air from your business through a 6-inch true HEPA filter using two 900 CFM blowers. The HEPA filter (part number 499082) will get rid of 99.97% of airborne impurities. Because of its durability, this filter will last a long time.

Then, smells and VOCs are eliminated by drawing the air through a 5-chamber activated carbon filter. About 5 pounds of activated carbon are present in the Ultra 4 Carbon filter. The filter is typically packed with coconut shell carbon extracted from virgin activated coconut shells.

This commercial air purifier is powerful and features a variable speed controller. This lets you change the volume anywhere between 55 and 68 decibels (A). The machine's CFM increases as the volume of the sound increases. With LA2-RC2-HOC, you can achieve 600-900 CFM of HEPA air cleaning.

Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon

Activated carbons made from coconut shell are the least dusty. They are excellent for organic chemical adsorption because they are primarily microporous. Activated carbon made from coconut shells has the highest hardness of any other type of activated carbon, which makes it the best carbon for purifying the air.

Coconut shell and wood are renewable resources that can be used as building blocks. Despite utilizing billions of coconut shells every year for activation, coconut plantations with millions of acres of land continue to benefit our ecosystem in the same ways that green trees do.

The byproducts of manufacturing processes such as common smells and VOCs can be effectively treated with coconut shell carbon. But additional blends can be obtained to boost the filter's ability to absorb odors like those from cannabis and TCE.

Air Filtration Process:

Powerful centrifugal blowers are employed to drive air through two filter screens where it is purified of heavy contaminants. Afterwards, it passes through a True HEPA filter. The HEPA filter eliminates all airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns or larger, including dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria, to at least 99.97%. Finally it passes through a 5 chamber carbon filter. The 5-chamber design allows for a greater contact time between VOCs and the granular activated carbon. A more comprehensive cleansing of the air stream depends on contact time.

Diverse Mounting Solutions:  

There are several options for mounting the LA2-RC2. The unit is suspended from the ceiling by 4 eye bolts. You can hang it on a wall or post in your establishment using an optional wall mount kit. Four rubber feet on the LA2-RC2-HOC can be removed to reveal (1/4-20) inserts for installation to a utility cart.

All in all, the LA2-RC2-HOC is a top of the line commercial air purifier which can clean large volumes of air in minimum time ensuring a healthy environment for you and others around you.

Volume 200-900 CFM
Area 1120 sq ft. @ 6 ACH
99.97 to 0.3 micron
Filtration True HEPA/Carbon
Carbon 5 chamber carbon filter
Weight 115 pounds
Current 115 V / 3 amp
Mount Ceiling Hung/ Wall/ Cart
Sound 55-68 dB(A)
Size 21.5"x20.5"x19"
Finish Black or White vinyl covered sheet

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