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LA2-RC1-HUV Commercial Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and UVGI Technology

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LA2-RC1-HUV Commercial Air Purifier with HEPA filter and UVGI technology

With an all-steel design body and high-quality components, the LA2-RC1-HUV provides long-term relief from harmful microorganisms and other pollutants in the air. It captures and kills viruses and bacteria using two proven methods and unlike many other systems, the LA2-RC1 moves a big volume of air to clean a vast area making it suitable for usage in any populated environment. In a 30 by 30 space, 6 air changes per hour are achieved.

Two Proven Technologies for Killing Bacteria and Viruses

To provide superior protection from anything in the air we breathe, the LA2-RC1-HUV employs both HEPA and UVGI Air Purifier technologies. If you count the activated carbon filtration system, the total comes down to three highly efficient filtering technologies working simultaneously. These three filtering systems work together to provide comprehensive defense against all airborne threats. HEPA filtration is extremely effective against all types of particulates. Despite being tested only to 0.3 microns, it captures much smaller particles including very small viruses.

UV-C rays halt germ reproduction and spread by altering their DNA, rendering them unable to reproduce. A virus cannot spread if it cannot reproduce. UV-C rays either neuter or outright kill the virus. UV-C rays are most likely the most effective way to eliminate airborne pathogens.

However, UVGI is not recommended as a stand-alone microbial sanitation solution. UVGI is referred to as an “effective adjunct". This filter ensures that any airborne pathogens that may have managed to pass through the HEPA filter are inactivated by a high dose of UV-C radiation and it should be used in conjunction with other filter technologies. A UVGI Chamber from the LA2-RC1-HUV HEPA /UVGI Air Purifier is shown below.

UVGI chamber inside the air purifier

This filter ensures that any airborne pathogens that may have managed to pass through the HEPA filter are inactivated by a high dose of UV-C radiation.

Activated Carbon Filtration:

The third technology employed here is the carbon filter. Two stages of carbon filtration have been added to complete the filtering system. Through absorption, the activated carbon helps eliminate hazardous VOCs from airstream while producing no ozone. Ozone is tested in each unit to a level of 0.01 parts per million. Even the tiniest amount of ozone can be eliminated with carbon filtration.

In an environment with so many chemical and photocatalyst reactions, it is critical to clean the air of contaminants that no particulate filter or sanitizing rays can remove.

A 4-step Process:

The LA2-RC1-HUV uses three technologies to sanitise the air. The LA2's reverse curve blower is used to draw air in. To clear the air stream of big trash and particles, air first flows through a prefilter. The prefilter has a MERV2 rating.

Air then enters a Glasfloss True HEPA mini pleat filter. High quality materials were used to build the HEPA filter, which includes a sturdy 26 ga. galvanised frame. The HEPA filter has a 99.97% to 0.3 micron efficiency. This practically eliminates all interior pollutants from the air stream, including smoke, dust, and viruses.


After being cleaned, the air is now sent through a carbon filter to eliminate VOCs. Due to VOCs' near proximity to activated carbon crystals, absorption of VOCs occurs at a high rate. The air stream enters a UVGI (Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation) chamber as soon as it exits the first carbon filter. Four UVC lights with great intensity power this chamber. Any microorganisms that enter this chamber are eliminated or changed to the point that they are rendered incapable of reproducing. A second carbon filter removes any potential scents as the air that was once contaminated travels through it.

Enhanced Air Flow:

High volume air flow is one significant distinction between this HEPA/UVGI air purifier and others on the market. 6 ACH has taken the position of the previous 2 ACH. Numerous products available on the market are significantly undersized. A 30' x 30' room can receive 6 air changes per hour from the LA2-RC1-HUV. You can adapt it for any space you require thanks to its variable speed control. As a commercial air purifier, at turbo speed the noise level can go up to 70 dB. (A).

All in all, this versatile equipment offers three different types of filtration to keep the air in your business as sanitized as possible.

Volume 200-900 CFM
Area 1120 sq ft. @ 6 ACH
99.97 to 0.3 micron
Filtration True HEPA/UVGI/Activated Carbon
Carbon 2 activated carbon filters
Weight Suspended Ceiling
Current 2.17 A, 115 V, 60/50 Hz, On/Off switch, 8 ft. power cord, 3-prong grounded plug
Mount Ceiling Hung/ Wall/ Cart
Sound 55-60 dB(A)
Size 21.5"x20.5"x19"
Finish Black or White vinyl covered sheet

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