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Hydra-LG Large Commercial Cigar Humidifier | 60 cu. ft.

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Hydra LG Electronic Cigar Humidifier for Large Cabinet Humidors

Having a controlled environment is essential for long-term cigar storage and aging. That is why the Hydra-LG Commercial Electronic Humidifier is specifically engineered to make cigar maintenance a hassle-free experience. Made for 16 cubic feet large cabinet humidors, this cigar humidifier automatically regulates moisture and provides precise relative humidity readings every 30 seconds.

The Hydra LG cigar humidifier has a dimension of 11" L x 4 ¼” W x 3 ¼” H and fits inside big humidor cabinets. This humidor humidifier offers top of the line performance to eliminate unstable humidity conditions. Ideal for connoisseurs and enthusiasts with a huge cigar collection, this humidor humidifier is capable of preserving the freshness of up to 3,000 cigars. 

Hydra LG Electronic Cigar Humidifier for Large Cabinet Humidors

Remote Controlled Cigar Humidifier

Keeping up with a well-seasoned humidor cabinet is not an easy feat! The Hydra-LG commercial cigar humidifier is fitted with a handheld remote unit with basic control functions so you can conveniently calibrate the humidity to your desired level. It also has a large LED display for real-time viewing of the relative humidity and temperature levels inside the humidor cabinet. Attached to a 54” long cable, the remote display can be placed anywhere inside a large humidor for accurate moisture readings at a glance even without opening the cabinet.

Internal Sensor and Fans

Delivering incredibly precise humidity readings, the Hydra-LG cigar humidifier is integrated with a sensor to produce the best humidity for cigars. The sensor monitors and detects the relative humidity every 30 seconds, providing you with the most accurate real-time results. The internal sensor also triggers the two powerful internal fans when the moisture level drops so moisture circulation is equally maintained and inside the cabinet humidor. The Hydra LG humidor humidifier also features HygroSet adjustable technology for convenient humidity measurements.

This Hydra cigar humidifier also comes with two external fan ports for adding optional external fans. Using the fan splitter cable included in the optional fan kit, you can attach up to three external fans to extend the Hydra LG’s humidification capabilities even further.

Hydra LG Electronic Cigar Humidifier for Large Cabinet Humidors

Large Capacity Water Cartridge

The large capacity water cartridge enables you to fill the Hydra LG humidor humidifier with distilled water. Distilled water helps you achieve the purest humidity by not introducing minerals and mold to your cabinet humidor. This Hydra humidifier features an audible and visual low water indicator to help you make on-time refills and prevent your prized cigars from drying out. To avoid any interruptions, there is a toggle switch to easily turn off the sound alert. Please note that the foam inside the water cartridge weakens over time and needs to be replaced. Swap it for a new replacement water cartridge specially designed for the Hydra LG cigar humidifier.

Set it up and forget about it! The Hydra-LG commercial cigar humidifier lets you make humidity adjustments on the fly. With a handheld remote and large LED display, this humidor humidifier is a convenient and user-friendly device that every cigar aficionado must not go without.

Capacity 60 cu. ft. humidors | up to 3,000 cigars
11" L x 4 ¼” W x 3 ¼” H
Humidity Level Adjustable
Remote Control Yes with 54" long cable
LED Display Yes
Sensor Activated Yes
Hygroset Adjustable Technology Yes
Water Reservoir Foam
Internal Fans 2
External Fan Ports 2
Water Level Indicator Audible and Visual

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Russel E.
HYDRA-LG Large Humidifier Fan Kit(Fan, Cable & splitter)

Nice packaging, pretty good humidifier as described. The alarm goes off too frequently. Other than that its a good humidifier.

david s.

OK so I have had this now appx 1 month and here is the good and the bad since I am pestered endlessly to write a review so here you go...

Good - Seems to keep humidity levels in an acceptable level and operation is quite. The fan helps keep humidity more even throughout the large cabinet better than the old indian clay bricks I have had in the past that disperse moisture simply from evaporation only.

Bad - this damn unit is CONSTANTLY going off for the alarm saying it needs more water. I am not sure but I think the LONGEST I have gone without having to add water is 3 days! Thats HORRIBLE! At least with the Indian Clay brick I could get nearly a month or more out of it before I had to submerge it in water and replenish it. Also If I had to decide to buy again I would NEVER buy this unit unless I had nothing but time on my hands as it seems all I do is water it likes its an Fn plant!?!?! Come on the brink in this is plenty big and the plastic casing its in retains even more water and yet the alarm goes off constantly?
I either have a bad unit or this is a nightmare unless you are infatuated with your cigars and humidor and dont mind babying it endlessly

Hi David. Thanks for leaving a review. I am reaching out to the manufacturer on your behalf to get your problem resolved.

Luis F.
Big Cabinet humidor.

I am purchasing this product from you to replace a product that I accidentally broke. This product works terrific.
You want to see more photographs of my cabinet and cigars go to Pinterest and look for cigar euphoria enjoy

Chuck A.
Works great!

Works great!

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  • Is this 110v?

    Yes. Hydra-LG runs on 110vac.