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We offer all cigar humidors and accessories at wholesale prices. If you own a business and want to buy bulk products from us at wholesale prices please email your business license to and we will send you our wholesale pricing catalog.

We offer cigar humidors, cigar cabinet displays, cigar accessories, travel humidors, cigar cutters, tubes, cases, ashtrays, lighters, point of sale countertop displays and more. 

Prestige Import Group and Quality Importers are our premium partners who can fulfil any size order as you may require.

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Great Retirement Present!!!

I have been enjoying quality cigars for 30+ years. The problem was I had 3 small humidors to store my sticks in and maintain them also. Upon finding the perfect humidor for my retirement, I called Ben and he walked me through two different ones. He was very helpful in helping me make my choice. The humidor arrived quicker than expected and it is a beauty! The humidor works flawlessly and my project is filling it to the 1000 stick capacity. Thanks Ben for making this purchase painless.

Beautiful Piece but can be improved

At first sight the unit is beautiful. It's stout and the finish is really good looking. As I brought the unit inside I found that like some of the reviews the inside of the unit could use some improvement. The humidification device seems like an after thought and with a tray of water inside, I can see issue with mold if not maintained. I purchased this unit to store all of my boxes. I realized after the fact this may not the best for strictly boxes but it works none the less. I've seen a lot of people complain about calibration. My unit is no exception. Calibrating the unit is extremely difficult. I have 3 separate self calibrating hygrometers inside and they read anywhere from 5-10 degrees off as well as the RH. I haven't decided if I will go back to using heartfelt beads or not. I'm going to install a 4 channel hygrometer first and see if I can get it dialed in a little more accurately. All in all this is a show piece more than anything. If you're looking for something accurate, this isn't the cabinet for you. When purchasing make sure you have patience cause you will need to make some adjustments to get it "right."

Old English Cabinet

This Old English Cabinet is well built and beautiful!

Finally, a Mostly Right Humidor.

First, give Ben and Elegant Bar 6 Stars for their service and coordination of the shipping to my rural area to meet a specific timeframe. It's a heavy beast, weighing around 280 pounds unpacked. The cooling is by freon compressor (much better than that thermoelectric garbage). Separate heating system too. It will will likely hold 2000 cigars if you add cedar deep trays to the horizontal shelves. But that's not how we usually use humidors.

Adam has a point. First, the shelves are thinner than what we may be used to. However, they sit on metal roller guides. So the question is, are the shelves "sturdy" enough? Sure. Would I like them a touch thicker? Sure. The weakest point of the entire system is the humidification system, which frankly as an engineer, seems an afterthought. And yes, you'll frustrate yourself with the calibration process because there's a pool of water in your cabinet. And then, because there's a pool, humidity will range wider than you'd want, and mold will be an ever present fear.

So my humidification solution is to use 4 pounds of 65% Heartfelt Beads which are top notch. There's a lot of poor performing beads out there, so make sure you get the good stuff. I let the cabinet stabilize for 2 days, and then fussed with the calibration using a calibrated hygrometer to compare to. You need to put the hygrometer near the sensor on the left side as you'll have variation in the cabinet. I set the cabinet humidification to 66% and the fan will come on rarely just to move the air around for a minute to normalize humidification. The door seal is great.

Memo to Prestige Imports: Change the design of the humidification system to be Beads Only. A larger tub placed on the bottom forward. A fan (resting in a slot vs. screwed in) programmed to run 1 minute every 1/2 hour. The bottom shelf relocated just above the compressor shelf. That would make humidification recharge much more user friendly.


This tower is absolutely beautiful couldn't of asked for better service.