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Custom Cigar Cabinets, Lockers and Wine Lockers

We get our furniture made from world's finest craftsmen

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If you are looking for any kind of cigar furniture for your store, club, bar or home. We have many options for you. If you have an idea, we can work with that too. At the bottom of the page we show some of the finest jobs that our craftsmen have done in the past. This should give you some ideas for your furniture too or give us a call and we will present something amazing to you. 

We specialize in cigar furniture of any kind. Our craftsmen have made different sizes of Humidor Cabinets, Lockers and displays in the past for small businesses to big brand names.

Everything custom is made right here in our great nation United States of America (Florida, USA).  All products are all made with high quality and best in class wood.

1. Cigar and Wine Lockers: 

All our lockers come with locks installed and a master key. Size of the whole unit and each locker is decided depending on your needs. These lockers can be made with or without humidification system.

For Wine Lockers we have several different options of racks that can be installed.

Wood: Central American Mahogany, American Red Oak, and Spanish Cedar; other woods are available upon request.

Panels: Flat or Raised panels. 

Window Glass: Wire glass, frosted glass or tinted glass available.

2. Cigar Humidor and Wine Cabinets:

The Cigar Cabinet comes in several different styles and designs as well. Size of the unit is not a problem for us to design as per your needs. You can choose from a unit with standard humidification or electronic humidifier. Every cigar unit has a digital hygrometer pre-installed. LEDs are installed in each unit for a beautiful display of cigars. 
Besides the cabinet we can do any other design and display for cigars/ wine bottles as per your requirements. 

The display shelves in these units are designed as racks to help maintain an aromatic character which maintains the humidity that preserves and ages your fine cigars.

Wood: Central American Mahogany, American Red Oak, and Spanish Cedar; other woods are available upon request. The display racks are made from Best quality Spanish Cedar wood available.

3. Walk in Humidor: 

We can make walk in humidors which would be completely assembled at the shop see pictures below. These units are easy to assemble after we ship it to your store. Or we can provide all the material and you can hire a carpenter to install. Again these units are highly customization. We don't make standard walk in humidors as every customer likes to get it personalized and designed plus sizes it differently. So we recommend you calling us and getting a quote for your personal walk in. 

portable walk in humidor

Call 888.501.3227 & Get a Free Quote Today

Checkout some of the finest jobs done by our craftsmen in the past:


              walk in humidor                        


Call 888.501.3227 & Get a Free Quote Today