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Why Do Cigars Crack and How to fix it

Why Do Cigars Crack?

4 min read

Cigars can quickly crack under poor temperature, humidity, and unfavorable conditions. There are multiple reasons behind the problem. However, timely precautions can save your collection from harm.
best selling cigar humidors for the hobbyist

The Best Cigar Humidors to Compliment Your Man Cave

3 min read

Your man cave deserves to reflect exactly who you are and what you love. For cigar lovers, that means you need a cigar humidor to help keep your cigars fresh, firm, and delicious! What kind of humidor is best for your man cave though? Let's talk about it!

Desktop humidor with cigars

12 Tips to Reach the Perfect Humidor Humidity

7 min read

Follow these tips to help you reach the perfect humidity level for your cigar humidor. This will create an environment that will keep your cigars tasting great for years to come!
9 Signs You Need a Custom Humidor Cabinet

9 Signs You Need a Custom Humidor Cabinet

4 min read

Standard humidors may do the trick if you’re an occasional cigar smoker. However, if you have an increasing number of cigars in your collection, then perhaps a custom humidor cabinet is more fitting for your needs.