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Ever since its legalization as a medicinal drug in the United States and a recreational drug in Canada, the consumption of weed has grown significantly around the world. Many individuals use medicinal marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of their ailments. As marijuana grows more popular as a recreational and medicinal commodity, consumers are now wondering how to get the stench out of their houses. Fortunately, a decent air purifier may readily solve this problem.

Medicinal Marijuana

Is weed smoke bad for you?

While cannabis smoke does not contain nicotine, it does contain toxins similar to tobacco smoke. Weed smoke contains a wide range of chemicals and substances, some of which are not always beneficial to your health or the environment. Cannabis, sometimes known as pot, emits several chemical compounds and contaminants into the air, including terpenes and VOCs, which have a substantial impact on indoor air quality. Furthermore, even if you don't mind the smell of pot smoke, you probably don't want it to stay in your home.

The smell varies according to the strain, but it will still attach to clothes, hair, and furnishings, making it visible to guests in your home. You may not even smoke, but you are burdened by the odor of a housemate, friend, or neighbor.

What pollutants is weed smoke riddled with:

Cannabis leaf

The chemical responsible for the strong, pungent odor emitted by weed smoke is terpene. In large amounts, however, this organic product can be potentially dangerous to human health. Furthermore, weed smoke releases VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air, and as these harmful compounds mix in the air with other pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, producing harmful ozone emissions thereby significantly impacting the air quality.

How do air purifiers work to remove odors:

When it comes to reducing and eradicating odors from the air, an air purifier can prove to be your best friend. However, it is vital to conduct your homework ahead of time so that you select the finest air purifier for pot smoke in particular. Many air purifiers employ various methods capable of eliminating or removing certain odor-causing contaminants from the air.

Air Purifiers include two crucial technologies that aid in the fight against cannabis smoke. The first is HEPA filtration, which removes particle contaminants. The second method is activated carbon filtration, which tackles all gases in general and volatile organic chemicals in particular when it comes to odor removal.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Delivery. When it comes to removing particle contaminants from the air, HEPA is the gold standard. Filters must be able to remove at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometers, according to the HEPA filtration standard.

True HEPA filter

Air purifiers with a high-quality HEPA or carbon filtration system can remove airborne particles that cause odors in a home or apartment. In the instance of marijuana smoke, such a system will remove the minute marijuana particles that are conveyed into the air with the smoke when it is smoked.

Activated carbon is also an efficient method for removing odors, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Activated carbon is carbon that has had all of its gases removed by heating it in a low oxygen environment. 

Close up of an activated carbon filter

Carbon has huge pores on its surface after gases have been evacuated, which are excellent for trapping any gases that pass over it. Activated carbon has a relatively high surface area for a little unit weight due to the sheer number of pores on its surface. This allows it to catch a huge volume of gases while being light in weight.

Nevertheless, air purifiers may do much more than just remove scents. They can improve the general health of the environment by eliminating allergens and mold spores. Several studies have shown that using air purifiers daily can help minimize allergic reactions and asthma episodes.

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