August 16, 2023 2 min read

Smoking practices have evolved, and with them, the vessels that hold the remnants of burnt tobacco. In this article, we explore the world of ashtrays, focusing on the comparison between classic ashtrays and cigar ashtrays.

Both serve the primary purpose of containing ashes and butts. However, they're designed for different smoking styles and have their own unique aesthetics. Join us as we uncover the nuances that distinguish these two types of ashtrays. Understanding the differences can add a new layer of appreciation to your smoking experience.

Classic Ashtrays

Classic ashtrays often come in a smaller size, which is perfect for holding cigarettes and for collecting. They're designed to hold just one or a couple of cigarettes. While it's technically possible to use a traditional ashtray for a cigar, there might be a slight inconvenience.

Since cigars are generally bigger than cigarettes, the space in a traditional ashtray may not be as accommodating. There's a possibility that your cigar may not sit securely and could even risk falling out. So, although classic ashtrays have their charm, they might not be the best choice when enjoying your favorite cigar.

Cigar Ashtrays

Cigar ashtrays are different from regular ones in a few important ways.

Bigger Size and Shape

While standard ashtrays are often small and versatile, cigar ashtrays are roomier. This extra space lets cigars rest comfortably without getting squished or damaged.

On top of that, cigar ashtrays hold a larger quantity of ash, meaning you won't have to empty them as frequently. Although cigars can accumulate a significant amount of ash, you shouldn’t ash them forcefully. Getting rid of the ash can cause the cigar to burn too hot, compromising its flavor. Ideally, it's best to allow the ash to naturally fall off in your ashtray.

Larger Cigar Rests

Cigar ashtrays are purposefully designed with cigar rests and grooves to securely hold cigars in place. This ensures they won't roll or tip over. Cigar smokers can confidently rest their stogie between puffs, knowing they are cradled safely and stylishly.

Premium Materials

Cigar ashtrays usually use top-notch materials like crystal, porcelain, and high-quality wood. This not only makes them look great but also adds a touch of the luxe and classy vibe that's often linked to cigar smoking.

Enhance Your Smoking Experience with Unique Cigar Ashtrays

When smoking, you can use any old ashtray, but you can't deny that a cigar-specific ashtray has some serious perks. And not only do they look fantastic, but they're more than just a smoking accessory – they become part of the whole smoking experience. Whether you find them in private lounges, upscale bars, or personal collections, these ashtrays tell a story of sophistication and enjoying life's finer moments.

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