Smokemaster X-11QE-Cig Commercial Smoke Eater

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SmokeMaster X-11Q E-Cigarette and Vape Shop Air Cleaner

Custom-designed and tested for vaping applications, the SmokeMaster X-11QE-Cig Smoke Eater easily removes heavy smoke clouds to improve the air quality indoors. This air cleaner efficiently collects vapors, mist, and wet smoke, making it an ideal air filtration system for e-cigarette and vape shops. Offering an airflow coverage of up to 1,000 square feet, the SmokeMaster X-11Q advanced electronic air cleaner is perfect for smoke removal in homes, offices, lounges, conference rooms, and other areas.

The Smokemaster X-11QE-Cig commercial air cleaner fits into the unused space above one 2’ x 4’ or two 2’ x 2’ drop ceiling panels. With special-mounting brackets for easy installation, this smoke eater features an attractive grille that fits flush with the ceiling for a low-profile look. It is equipped with an energy-efficient motor and a three-speed fan controller that produces up to 1,100 CFM. This heavy-duty industrial air cleaner is very powerful yet barely makes a sound in the lowest setting. With its corrosion-resistant steel cabinet, this smoke eater has overall dimensions of 48" L x 24" W x 13 5/8" H and is available in Black or White powder-coated finish that suits any existing décor.

SmokeMaster X-11Q E-Cigarette and Vape Air Cleaner

Special Filtration for Vaping and E-Cig Smoke

Specifically engineered to eliminate vape and e-cig smoke build-up and residue from vape juices, the SmokeMaster X-11Q commercial air cleaner comes with a special E-cigarette power supply to keep the collected moisture droplets from shorting out the wires. It also includes heavy-duty Electronic Cells with increased cell-plate spacing that are designed to handle the strong vapors from e-cigarettes. This smoke eater also has a drip tray that prevents the collected condensation in the electronic cells from dripping.

The SmokeMaster X-11QE-Cig commercial air cleaner utilizes a metal mesh Pre-Filter that traps large particles such as hair, lint, or pollen before they penetrate the electronic cell. Equipped with an industrial-grade electronic filtration cell, the Smokemaster X-11Q smoke eater captures airborne particles and contaminants by releasing an electrical charge and trapping them into the collector plates. For heavy odor-removal, the Carbon Post Filter (sold separately) effectively absorbs strong smells, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and gases.

SmokeMaster X-11Q E-Cigarette and Vape Air Cleaner

Maximize Air Cleaning with 360-Degree Airflow

Taking advantage of the 360-degree Coanda airflow pattern, the Smokemaster X-11QE-Cig industrial air cleaner evenly and gently distributes clean air. This unique air re-circulation method returns the optimum amount of contaminated air to the smoke eater unit, providing the best air cleaning efficiency. Plus, the Smokemaster X-11Q air cleaner has four adjustable louvered exhaust grilles that blow clean air in four directions, resulting in a more comfortable environment.

Cost-Effective Investment

Comes with a 1-year limited warranty, the Smokemaster X-11Q air cleaner not only guarantees a long service life but also helps you save on expensive filter replacements. Both the prefilter and electronic collector cells are washable so you can use them again and again. With no disposable filters or other parts that need to be periodically replaced, the X-11QE-Cig commercial air cleaner proves to be a cost-effective and smart investment.


Replacement Filters & Accessories (Contact us to order)

  • Replacement Pre-filter for Smokemaster X-11Q | 41021 ($ 69.45)
  • Optional Heavy Duty Polytron Pre-Filter for Smokemaster X11Q | 41107 ($ 337.45)
  • Replacement Post Carbon Filters for SmokeMaster X-11Q | 41034 ($ 62.45)
  • Replacement Smokemaster Electronic Cell | 07316 ($ 582.50)
  • Replacement Ionizing Wires for Smokemaster Electronic Air Cleaners -| 38004 ($35)
  • Electronic Cell Washing Container | 30182 ($ 187.45)
  • Simple Clean Cell Cleaning Detergent Powder - 32 oz. Container | 45039 ($ 81.20)
  • Total Electronic Cell Cleaning Detergent | 45036 ($ 93.70)
  •  Electronic Cell Coat Spray | 45023 ($ 44.95)
  • Electronic Cell Coat - 1 Gallon Refill | 45024 ($ 112.45)
  • Drip Tray for X-11Q-E-Cig Electronic Air Cleaner ($ 229)
  • Replacement E-Cig Power Supply | 07351 ($ 605)

Product Manual 

Product manual


Coverage Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
3-Speed Airflow Low - 350 CFM | Medium - 725 CFM | High - 1,100 CFM
Dimensions 48" L x 24" W x 13 5/8" H
Installation Flushmount - Fits into one 2' x 4' or two 2' x 2' ceiling tiles
Cabinet Sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel - Off-White or Black
Installed Weight 83 lbs
Shipping Weight 101 lbs

Fan / Motor

 Elastomeric suspension system eliminates vibration noise
Power Consumption Low - 120W, 1.3A  | Medium - 140W, 1.5A | High - 185W, 1.8A
Voltage Required 120V, 60 Hz
Sound Level db(A) Low - 51 | Medium - 59 | High - 61

3-Filter System
Pre-Filter - Metal mesh
Optional - Heavy-duty Polytron Pre-Filter
E-cigarette Electronic Cells - 105.80 sq. ft.
Optional Carbon Post Filters - Two for each side
E-cigarette Drip Tray
Certifications UL & CSA Listed
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

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