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Desktop Humidors


Our small humidors range from 10 cigar capacity to 500 cigar capacity. Besides diverse sizes with different storage capacities, you’ll find an extensive variety of Wooden Humidors along with some Glass Top Humidors. Bu that’s not all! Whether it is glass top, digital and analog hygrometers, leather, wood, metal, or unique styles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, right here … at your very own Your Elegant Bar. These desktop humidors are for sure the best humidors for the money.

Contact us if you would like to get any humidors personalized or engraved. Call us at 888.501.3227 to get wholesale pricing.

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What Is a Small Desktop Humidor?

A small desktop humidor is a high-quality, durable case designed to preserve the fresh quality and flavor of cigars. The humidor is smaller than standard humidors and is compact enough to take on the go or store on your desktop. This makes it convenient to have quick and easy access to your favorite cigars at home or in the office.

Small desktop humidors are available in a range of shapes and sizes, depending on your taste and personal preference.

Are Desktop Humidors Worth It?

Desktop humidors are an excellent product to invest in for those who enjoy smoking cigars because of the high level of convenience and accommodation they offer. You don't have to worry about losing the taste or flavor of your cigars after you purchase them. Humidors can preserve the quality of your cigars to ensure they stay fresh longer. So, you can store them for a longer time without feeling rushed to smoke your cigars or toss them out.

The humidor can protect the investment you make in your cigars as the cigars won't become stale as quickly.

Desktop humidors also make for an excellent gift due to their versatility and how often they're used. Their compact size also makes them convenient to store in a closet or on an entryway table.

Few things like wines and cigars get better with age but let’s not forget that they also need year-round maintenance. For this reason, humidors are not just accessories for the true cigar lovers, but they’re a basic requirement. If you’re a cigar aficionado with a treasure trove of painstakingly selected cigars, you already know the value of desktop cigar humidors.

Without a doubt, you’ll highly benefit from our small humidors, which meet every functional and aesthetic need. In terms of functionality, we offer the best desktop humidors that perfectly control the temperature and humidity levels to keep your cigars as good as new ... AND with a flavor profile that only gets elevated with time. By recreating the conditions that are optimal for tobacco growth and fermentation, our small desktop humidor preserves their freshness and provides the ideal setting for enhancing their flavor.

Now let’s talk about their stunning aesthetic effect if you haven’t noticed it already. With their beautiful designs, styles, and finishes, our small humidors are extraordinary pieces of art by themselves. No matter how refined your taste for cigars, you’re likely to get a ton of compliments for the incredible visual appeal of your humidor as well as for your fine cigar collection!

Whether you’re looking for a desktop humidor with an elegant and timeless appeal or one with a sleek, modern look, we’ve got you covered. Plus you can choose to personalize or engrave your chosen humidor so you have one that truly reflects your personal style and taste.

Are you ready to take your décor AND your cigar collection to the next level by keeping them in optimum condition – get a desktop humidor today!