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Sourcing Furniture & Glassware | Bulk Orders | Wholesale Pricing

If you are a business looking to buy one of our products in bulk we will happily provide you a no obligation quote. We are confident you will like our prices quoted since we easily beat our competition. If your company is accepting bids from different suppliers please let us know.

We work with both small businesses & large corporations on bulk orders/wholesale pricing. Depending on your needs we can provide all information you may need. We understand that every business have different policies and we will work with you to make sure we provide you all the information and understand all your policies and comply with them while doing business with you.


We have access to 1000s of products, so whatever you need for your project, we can help you find it at low cost.

We can help you find the furniture, glassware and other items you want for your project. We have a huge list of approved vendors that will have everything you need for your project and if required we will get approval with a new vendor to help you get the items you need. We also have manufacturers here in USA that will make customer furniture on your request and we guarantee the prices. 

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Call us and tell us what you need.
  2. We prepare a personalized list of items for you.
  3. You select the items that you want.   
  4. We provide you a no obligation quote.

Benefits to you:

  • A dedicated professional available to you during our business hours.
  • A personalized webpage for your project with items list, images, pricing etc.
  • We will handle the processing and shipping.
  • If you can't find anything you want, we can even have it custom made by our vendors.
  • All this for free and we will provide all this at close to wholesale prices. Usually 10-60% off our website pricing.
Contact: If you have any questions call us at (888)501-3227 and our specialists will direct you to the right person.
You can also email bsingh@yourelegantbar or with the details. 
Business hours: M-F 8am-4pm Eastern.
After hours: Leave us a voicemail or email us & we will get the right person with you shortly after.

    ★ Reviews

    Let customers speak for us

    133 reviews
    Fantastic product

    I am not sure how, but this item does exactly what it said it would do. Is a fantastic-looking humidor that holds its humidity. It does not appear to have a really good seal but it holds the humidity without a problem.

    So far this has been a very functional humidor!

    I purchased this humidor last winter (2018) and I wanted to have it in service for several months before I offered a review. Overall I am
    satisfied with the humidor (4.5 stars), after some tinkering with and re-calibrating the hygrometer it has been performing well. I have
    several calibrated digital hygrometers inside the Remington to ensure it's hygrometer is accurate.

    The following is what I believe to be it's Pros/Cons:

    -It seals extremely well, absolutely no lost of humidity in this unit.
    -Ample amount of storage.
    -Electronic (LED) display.
    -Humidifier, Heat and Cooling system.
    -A absolutely beautiful piece of furniture.

    -Electronic humidification system (Good, but there is room for improvement).
    -Water tank is in a awkward location.

    I'm finding that the unit stabilizes itself better in the winter months. During the summer months (Midwest) the unit varies
    in humidity and temperature throughout the day and periodically cycles to achieve the desired climate. I believe this is because
    my house thermostat is set at a higher temperature during the day to conserve energy (and by bank account) and the unit is forced
    to maintain the temperature I have selected (68F-70F). During the winter months the unit and house temperature is relatively the
    same so stabilization is easy to obtain. In closing and with all this said, I believe the weak link to the unit is the humidification system
    but it is better than what I previously had and it keeps my extensive collection well preserved.

    Best Father’s Day gift!!

    My wife and kids bought me this gorgeous cabinet humidor for Father’s Day... Love, Love it... having a lot of fun filling it up. Can’t wait to show it of to all my buddies and make them Jealous.
    Love the construction of it, beautiful details goes well with My spirits cabinet.

    Love my Humidor!

    I couldn’t be happier with my Remington Humidor. The folks at Elegant Bar were great, shipping was easy and pretty fast. The quality is top notch and it’s beautiful. It took a few adjustments to dial in the hygrometer but it was easy to do.


    We love it - it's beautiful. However, the humidifier was not shipped with it as it was supposed to be. We contacted salesman, Ben, who was really professional and helpful. Unfortunately the wrong humidifier was then sent to, which we returned to your company.