Personalized Humidors, Cutters, Lighters & More. - The Elegant Bar

Personalized Humidors, Cutters, Lighters & More.

Personal Brand or Image Engraved, or Printed in Full Color on any of our Humidors Or Accessories.

Personalized Humidors, cutters, ashtrays and more.

Imagine your personal brand or image engraved, or printed in full color on any of our humidors leaving your store in the arms of a satisfied customer. Have a special design or event to promote? Turning those ideas into a reality is now at your fingertips. We can help you achieve it.

With the help of dedicated team of professional designers ready to work on your design or logo. The on-site facilities allow us to give you a clear concrete representation of your ideas. No order is too big or small for the skilled graphics team. The state of the art laser printer and UV printer can print on most surfaces.

We offer affordable and manageable prices for our customers. You don’t have to spend thousands to place your brand logo. Become the store that is set apart from others with your very own custom designed items.

Call today to learn more 8885013227 or email

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