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Personalized Humidors, Cutters, Lighters & More.

Personal Brand or Image Engraved, or Printed in Full Color on any of our Humidors Or Accessories.

Personalized Humidors, cutters, ashtrays and more.

Imagine your personal brand or image engraved, or printed in full color on any of our humidors leaving your store in the arms of a satisfied customer. Have a special design or event to promote? Turning those ideas into a reality is now at your fingertips. We can help you achieve it.

With the help of dedicated team of professional designers ready to work on your design or logo. The on-site facilities allow us to give you a clear concrete representation of your ideas. No order is too big or small for the skilled graphics team. The state of the art laser printer and UV printer can print on most surfaces.

We offer affordable and manageable prices for our customers. You don’t have to spend thousands to place your brand logo. Become the store that is set apart from others with your very own custom designed items.

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Do some research before buying

I purchased this device for a new cabinet, top of shelfs cannot hold 68% humidity with this unit, I am trying to add 2 additional fans for recirculation, will update review....

Hi Kim. Give your cabinet a week or 2 to season properly and you will get much better humidity throughout the cabinet. Let us know if you have any questions for us.
Awesome Cabinet

Unit came EXTREMELY well packed and delivered VIA Fedex with no Damage. Great cabinet with tons of storage, only negative is you have to open door fully to open right hand drawers and full size drawers meaning you cannot put right side up against a wall.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Excellent product. Excellent Customer Service

I did a lot of research and you really cannot find a better humidor for the price. The workmanship and quality is excellent. I needed to tinker with my humidor a bit (more below) but my buddy bought one at the same time and his humidor was SPOT on immediately and he was able to load up the humidor and enjoy it right away.

I had a blip on the delivery of my humidor so I had to call customer service. Unfortunately, this was right around the holidays and I ended up sending an email the day before Thanksgiving not expecting resolution until the next week. To my shock, I received a phone call from Ben within minutes of my email. Unfortunately, it was the end of the day and everyone was gone for the long weekend but Ben promised to get back to me on Monday. True to his word, he resolved the issue on Monday to my benefit.

Once I got the humidor in place, I did have issues with temperature and humidity control. The bottom line was that my humidor needed to be calibrated. This was an easy process and Ben was very good at quickly getting me the information that I needed to get this done. The humidor is now up and running and holding the climate perfectly.

A+++++ for the humidor and the E-Bar!

Great Gift!

I purchased 4 of these boxes with the intention of custom laser engraving the lids and giving them as Christmas gifts. Needless to say I was able to engrave them and they turned out awesome! These are a great deal for the price, I love the color of the wood and they were a hit for all of the people that received them as Christmas gifts!