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Yes, we can make a custom size cabinet or locker.

Yes, we can make lockers that can be hold both cigars and liquor bottles. Or we can make lockers for bottles only, no humidification.

Even though it is highly recommended to use Spanish Cedar wood there are ways to use other types of wood to make the humidors. Typically, if you want to use other wood type we can make the humidor with that wood and line the inside of the cabinet/locker with Spanish cedar wood. 

We can stain or paint the cabinets/lockers. We can match any finish, use the same stain or paint that you may be using elsewhere. Or we can even ship you the product unfinished so you can finish it yourselves.

Yes, we can make the wine lockers as well as long as they do not require refrigeration. We can make racks for wine bottles or design something custom that may fit your need.

CFM stands for cubic ft per minute and reflects the cubic ft of air that passes through the air purifier every minute.

If we have a room that is 20' x 20' x 10' then the cubic ft of the room is 20x20x10= 4000 cubic ft. 

Now we have to decide how many air change you need for the room. We recommend:

10 Air Changes = General Offices, Computer Rooms
12 Air Changes = Conference Rooms, Break Rooms, Designated Smoking Areas

14 Air Changes = Bingo Halls, Cigar Bars, Heavy Smoke

Now, the formula is:

(Cubic Volume x Air Changes) / 60 = CFM 

so, in case of a Cigar Bar, 4000 x 14/60 = 933 CFM

If a machine is 500 CFM then you should add 2 machines to get 1000 CFM.

It depends on the type of contamination. Please reach out to us and we can look into what type of filters might be best for you. For wildfires smokes, you can use HEPA filters and carbon filter machines. 

No, we have humidifiers that can be used as auto fill humidifiers. You will need to run a purified water line (use our RO Water Filter) to the humidifier and it can automatically add water to the tank when necessary.