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Authentic Models

The love of founder Authentic Models Americas USA / The Netherlands Mr. Haring Piebenga for the vintage furniture made him start Authentic Models more than 50 years ago. The commitment this company has towards the authenticity of the products is a reason why most of their business relations are always strong and now they are represented in 60+ countries worldwide.

The Elegant Bar picked our their most admired items in our category and we being an approved retailer for Authentic Models can these items at a very reasonable price. If you do not find something on our website we can help you find it. Just give us a call. 

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Real workaholic

This is my 3rd one. The other 2 are 18 years old, have never failed to come on and are still running strong as ever. They are in glass cigar cabinets that are not sealed so they cycle on/off quite a bit. They are just bullet proof. What I love about these is this is a vapor...not a mist. You can put your hand right over the outlet and it doesn't even get wet. It can go in a tight spot (like the bottom of a cabinet) and it doesn't soak down the compartment from the mist. They are expensive but you will only buy one so over the years you will save a lot of money.

Great for the price

Good product for the price, would recommend.


This is not the first and will definitely not be the last time I purchase humidors from this grade A company. I love all 3 of my cabinets that I ordered from these guys and I can’t get enough compliments from my customers about how fresh they keep my cigars!!

Thank you Mohammed. Glad your customer liked the cabinets.

I have no idea how it works. It hasn't been installed yet

Humidity Fresh

Works good. Just trying to keep it at a stable humidity can be a trick as weather in Kansas is not at all the same from day to day.