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Wine Lockers

We have collection of pre-made wine lockers or we can make custom wine lockers for you. Contact us via phone or email to get details.

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Wine credenza

Excellent quality materials and delivery method!

Very disappointed in this rack.

Not what I was expecting, at all. Inquired about returning and I would lose over 50% of what I paid between restocking fee and shipping costs. Very disappointed.

Great product!

Great product, but I really don't like the cheap hydrometer.

Value cigars purchase this Unit

I’ve had my unit over a year now. Not much more I can say about this unit from previous reviews. It’s simply magnificent humidor, exceptional quality, quite, highly functional. My favorite part is the ability to control both humidity and temperature; and the reservoir for you Humidor liquid solution is so large, I can go several months before it needs to be refilled. Alarm indicators... just a very precious Humidor.


Once again Elegant Bar has raised the bar, with the on time delivery of this great device for my St. Regis Humidor. It was extremely simple to set up and is working fantastically with my 4,000 cigar unit. It unit operates with very little noise and with it's two visual guides (water level and humidity level) you can be assured that your cigars will maintain their freshness. Ben and the representatives of Elegant have done it again.