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Wine Lockers : Pre-Made and Custom Made.

We have collection of pre-made standard wine lockers or we can design custom wine lockers for you. Perfect for restaurants, lounges and clubs members to keep their individual collection secure. Made with highest quality wood and climate control system you will get a very personalized and one of a kind unit. Everything custom is made in US and the technical support system is very good if you ever come across any issue in future.

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Great box

Perfect size. Excellent craftsmanship. Just what I needed.

Great humidor but.....

Arrived quick by truck. Packaged very well. Once set up with Cigar Oasis 3.0 it was apparent that getting even humidity would be a challenge. There was a 5-7rh difference from top to bottom. First order of business was addressing the door which leaks big time. I installed foam insulation strips around perimeter of door. Then to hold the door closed tightly with new insulation strips I installed 3 small adjustable latches. Now I resolved the door leak issue. Now to address the differential of humidity from top to bottom I hooked up 4 computer fans hooked up to a fan controller which allows me to regulate speed of fans. Next I used a small hole saw to open to some air paths to move air behind drawers. After filling with 1600 plus cigars and giving it at least 2 weeks I'm now very happy. Temps consistently stay between 67 degrees to 70 degrees top to bottom and humidity stays consistently between 66 to 69% top to bottom. These issues with varying humidity from top to bottom will be an issue with any humidor tower this size. That issue doesnt reflect this brand specifically but all towers this size. In the end the modifications I've made were well worth it. I'm happy with this beautiful addition to my home and my cigars.

Magna 3.0

The unit has been working well. My cabinet holds well over 400 cigars spread out over three shelves and the unit operates efficiently. A great investment for the price.


Works great. Just add water as needed.