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Our Wagon collection has some strong and sturdy sports adventure utility wagons that has the option to upgrade to a cooler. So when you want to go out for a sports outing or bbq with family these wagons will come in handy alot of times.

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Four Stars

Nice but be careful with the fine print on how many bottles this unit holds. Only 110 in display mode.

Happy customer!

It took 5 days of not opening my humidor. I managed. The humidity came right up to the preset 70%. Awesome!

Great product

Great product for small business very well recommended.
Fit a lot of cigars.

Very nice looking piece. A few notes about quality.

It's a beautiful humidor. But a few notes.
1) The top of the unit had a spot that was clearly filled with some kind of wood patch at the factory. I guess they thought it wouldn't matter because who looks at the top, right? We looked because the box it came in had a bunch of damage and we needed to be sure the cabinet itself was ok. It was, but we noticed the top. While it may not matter to most people because you don't typically see the top of the unit, we see it every time we walk down the stairs. Also, I am not sure it is cool to patch a product at the factory... and sell it as new or a 'first,' this is an expensive piece.
2) The front door cut out on the top is not exactly aligned. Not a show stopper, but again - craftsmanship wise it is an issue. Although, I do not believe we are losing moisture because of it.
3) It should have come with at least two more sets of dowels for the shelves. It shipped with 7 possible shelves but only 12 dowels. while I realize you probably won't use every shelf, using 5 is a possibility (and what we did). We had to go and buy some dowels locally and then sand and cut them down to fit into the holes.

Very nice

Humidor looks great and is holding humidity just fine.