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Humidifresh High-Performance Cigar Humidifier | 20 to 80 cu. ft.

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Humidifresh Electronic Humidifier for Large Cabinet Humidors and Lockers

The Humidifresh Cigar Humidifier features a high-performance humidification system designed for big size cigar humidor cabinets and lockers. Maintains up to 20 to 80 cubic feet humidors, it is equipped with a robust motor and powerful fan that evenly circulates humidified air to preserve the freshness of your cigar collection. This humidor humidifier is also easy to install, simply add distilled water to the reservoir and plug it into any standard AC wall outlet.

Providing highly accurate humidity control, the Humidifresh cigar humidifier uses state of the art technology to deliver the best humidity for cigars. The unit is comprised of a moisture calibration controller and a one-gallon water reservoir that can be manually or automatically filled. Fits large cabinet humidors and lockers, the Humidifresh humidifier has an overall dimension of 13 1/8" W x 7 5/8" D x 8 3/8"H.

Humidifresh Electronic Humidifier for Large Cabinet Humidors and Lockers

Industrial-Grade Fan

Featuring a built-in industrial grade fan, the Humidifresh cigar humidifier circulates humidified air much better than other humidifiers on the market. The strong fan seamlessly generates a balanced airflow of up to 105 CFM for rapid moisture distribution throughout the large cabinet humidor. Working hand in hand with the fan, this humidor humidifier is equipped with a powerful and efficient motor that runs cool preventing the dangers of overheating.

Sensor Calibrated Cigar Humidifier

The Humidifresh cigar humidifier has an easy-to-use turn knob for setting the precise humidification level. It also features humidistat control that calibrates the sensor for automatic humidity monitoring and adjustments. Plus, the Humidifresh humidifier comes with a digital display to view real-time humidity readings and help you reach the ideal environment for your cigars which is between 68% to 72% humidity at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Manual or Automatic Water Fill

For utmost convenience, the Humidifresh cigar humidifier lets you choose between two water refill methods – manual or automatic. By choosing the standard model, you can simply hand fill the reservoir tank with distilled water. In contrast, the automatic direct feed model lets you add reverse osmosis or RO filtration system (sold separately) to extract the minerals out of the water. The optional RO filter can be installed at the main water source (you may consult a plumber to determine its exact location). If you encounter problems with the automatic refill model, you can still use the Humidifresh humidifier by manually adding distilled water to the reservoir. This eliminates downtime and ensures a continuous humidification process so your precious cigars never dry out.

Humidifresh Electronic Humidifier for Large Cabinet Humidors and Lockers

One Gallon Water Reservoir

With a one-gallon capacity reservoir, the Humidifresh humidor humidifier stores enough distilled water to operate for weeks. The large water capacity of this cigar humidifier also helps the cabinet humidor to reach the optimal humidity level much faster. The water reservoir is made of durable plastic to prevent leaking problems. To facilitate timely refills, the Humidifresh humidifier comes with a low water level indicator. It also includes a double chamois wick which helps regulate humidity by absorbing moisture when it is too humid and releasing humidity when it is too dry. For cigar aficionados with a large collection of cigars, the Humidifresh humidifier is the one to get!

Capacity 20 - 80 cu. ft. humidors
13 1/8" W x 7 5/8" D x 8 3/8"H
Humidity Level Adjustable 30% - 90%
Humidistat Control Yes
Sensor Activated Yes
LCD Display Yes
Water Reservoir Yes - 1 Gallon
Fans Yes - Industrial grade
Power 120 V

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Great Humidifier
Humifresh humidifier
Awesome humidor!

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Ask a Question
  • I’ve got a 12 locker unit of about 28 cubic ft. I’m looking for a humidification system that I can plumb water to. Will this unit work or is it too big?

    Humidi-fresh is the one we use for our lockers as well. This will work very well for a 12 unit locker. Make sure you select the Auto water fill.