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Best Product Ever!

Love these humidifiers. Simple, easy to maintain, fit nice into the corners, and best of all, they do what they say they’ll do. As long as you keep them filled once a month, your humidor is the least of your worries.

Great product

Works perfectly and easy to assemble.


I have smoked cigars for over 30 years and never spent significant money on a humidor because I never found one that worked as well as Styrofoam coolers. Reagan- Temperature Regulated Humidor Cabinet has replaced my Styrofoam coolers and has exceeded my expectations. The unit is air tight like a refrigerator and maintains constant humidity. I am 110% satisfied.

you get what you pay for

Right off the bat it was packaged very well it took me about 30 minutes just to get it in the house and unpackaged what's unpackaged it was very well put together all I had to do was plug up the plug in the back and seal the hole and put weather stripping around the door it hold humidity very well but I was patient it took about a month and a half for it to level out around 68% with my cigar Oasis Magna 2 with no extra fans

Buy it for the Humidor

Bought this for overflow for quality AF and other expensive Cigars. Box is OK. Seasoning with 84% Boveda packs now. So too early to see if it seals well. As expected, the Hydrometer is an inaccurate piece of plastic junk, impossible to calibrate and unreliable. Tested it in a Daniel Marshall Humidor and it fails miserably, even after 2 salt tests and adjustments, today reading 90% Humidity in a 67% environment. Discarded this for a digital one to properly protect my cigars. Also discarded florist foam humidifier; these types never control humidity properly. They don't really control mold; as it almost always starts in the foam anyhow. Will put in 70% beads which you can buy "dry" , moisturize and save a bundle . These absorb and release moisture as needed to stabilize, unlike foam which only releases.