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Cocktails on the Beach & Ending the Summer on Right Note

Posted by Ben Singh on

So, Summer is about to get over for most of us and some of us feel like we need to go to the beach the last time before we start planning for fall/Halloween. The best way to end the summer for me is to have that last trip to a sandy beach and have some cocktail to sip on to. Well make sure the beach you are heading too allows alcohol otherwise you can only soak up the sun. But if they do then you need few things to prepare for it. 

Make sure you have a portable cocktail mixing kit. My personal favorite is Hamilton Travel Bar Kit that can hold enough bottles have 4 glasses and enough tools to make a wonderful cocktail drink wherever you are. 

Hamilton Travel Bar Portable Leather Cocktail Travel Case Picnic Time

Second thing you need a cooler. Nobody like a hot drink on a sunny day so make sure you carry your cooler filled with ice. I like the Adventure Wagon Elite with Cooler Upgrade which acts as a wagon as well as a cooler. It comes with a upgrade kit which let you convert it to a wagon or a cooler. 

Adventure Wagon Elite Folding Utility Wagon & Cooler Upgrade Kit

Rest is all you need to drink, get online or go to a store and grab a cocktail recipe book and get all the stuff you need for that perfect cocktail. Throw everything in Adventure Wagon Elite with Cooler Upgrade  and bring in all the friends/family and enjoy the beautiful day.

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250 reviews
This is nothing short of a great unit

If you want to store 1000 plus sticks this is your answer, I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Quite pleased

Pleased thus far. Shipping was slow (via truckI think) but it arrived in good shape.

Research before you buy

The unit works pretty good and has done a decent job of humidifying my tower humidor (with some added fans) BUT the remote died within a week. Cigar Oasis (CO) customer service was ok and eventually got a new remote unit out to me but despite me saying in the email that just the remote died, I was asked if I wanted the whole unit replaced...No, I just need the remote asap. The app SUCKS!!!! DO NOT buy this if the main reason is for remote access. I could never get it to work (believe the reviews on Google Play or Apple) and on my last attempt, that's when the remote died. That may be a coincidence but I'm not going to risk trying again. Given the cost of this device and my previous experience with CO, I would expect much more. It's also the 2019 so wireless connectivity should be a no brainer and easy to set up but CO has made it as hard and frustrating as possible. I've used various CO products (smaller units) for at least 20+ years and no problems. I ended buying a backup unit from another manufacturer just in case so another chunk of change wasted just to make sure my expensive collection of cigars stays in good condition.


First off I bought two of the Reagan's, and one was out of the crate junk and will not hold the proper temperatures nor humidity levels. The other one worked for about 3 days and then stopped working as far as holding the proper temperatures and humidity levels.

When they give you tech support they call from a hidden number and make it impossible to work with them, and then the tech tells me that 31°F - 49°F is ok for the cigars as long as the humidity stays in between 60% -70% RH. So I'm supposed to smoke a darn near frozen cigar?

I guess when you buy from China what do you expect!? Just two humidors that are both scratched and dented (dents and scratches behind the packing foam) and two humidors that won't hold the proper temperatures and humidity levels.

Again buyer beware!