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Bar Style Serving in Your Livingroom/Backyard

Posted by Ben Singh on

We all enjoy the time spent at a bar/ brewery talking to our friends while having few beers. So, what if the atmosphere you get at the bar comes to your living room or backyard and while you are just sitting at home with your loved ones you feel like you are at a bar. If you like the idea check some of our products out. 

Cantinero Shot Glass Wooden Serving Tray

Picnic Time Cantinero Shot Glass Wooden Serving Tray

This is one of my favorite items in the whole store. The quality of this tray and the finesse makes it unique. I have been to few bars that have similar serving tray for the shot glasses. This tray actually beats the bar quality, so while your friend would be impressed from the tray and your style, you will get the feeling of being at the bar. 

Picnic Time Craft Beer Wooden Flight

 Picnic Time Craft Beer Wooden Flight

This craft beer wooden flight is a classic piece. You can write the kind you beer being served and it will be easier to remember who gets what when everybody have a few. Easy to hold and comes with a set of glasses that fits perfectly, it is another on of picnic time special item that I love.

Bey Berk Wooden Beer & Beverage Caddy

Last but not least if this beer/beverge caddy. I guess you can say my definition of drinking beer at a bar is when you get served in a wooden furniture lol. I do like the old, classic, rustic looks so these high quality items all impress me alot. This is also a fun item, comes with a bottle opener and will sure impress everybody that will have a drink with you at your place. 

Madison Mid Century Table Top Bar

Picnic Time Madison Wooden Mid Century Table Top Bar

Well if you want to impress the guests with your bartending skills at home then you need this Madison Table Top Bar that comes with 19 accessories and will for sure make all the cocktails that you will want to make.

Manhattan Portable Cocktail Case

Manhattan Portable Cocktail Case/Travel Bar Suitcase Picnic Time

The Manhattan Portable Cocktail Case or some call it a travel cocktail case can be your personal bar too. While you are at home or while you are travelliing you can keep it with you and make your cocktail wherever you want. It comes with all the tools and cocktail glasses that you would need and it is easy to carry around. 

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I like the cabinet. Ben your service was outstanding. The products I’m very happy with. Delivery was as you emailed. Dealing with you and your company was absolutely excellent.

Birthday Gift

Our employees purchased this unit as a gift for the Owner of our Company. He received it today and is very happy with the item. the unit has not been installed or used yet.

Ben was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We will contact Ben with any questions.

Don't hesitate, this is the real deal

I was looking for an upright humidor so that I could consolidate all my stand alone humi's into a single unit with room to grow. The price was right, I got great service after the sale and it shipped right on time with no issues. I've had it for a few weeks now and it's working perfect - the door doesn't leak humidity, my Oasis Magna 2.0 keeps things just right for me and all in all I'd buy it again with zero hesitation.


I purchased the Redford humidor from "yourelegantbar" and delivery came when promised.
I want to say that Ben, the owner, was excellent to deal with. I initially had to cancel the order, which he did for me without a problem. Thankfully I was able to re-order and ultimately get the Redford unit, because it is more beautiful than the pictures show.
Temperature and humidity are critical for cigars. The first time you lose a $1000 or so worth of cigars because of beetles, you will agree.
There are varying opinions on relative humidity not being related to temperature. But I know that 70% relative humidity at 60° leaves my cigars rock hard and tasteless as opposed to 70% relatively humidity at 70+ temperature. So again, temperature control is critical to me. That is why this unit that controls both hot and cold, and humidity level, is so important.
There's about a 3° fluctuation with the unit before it will correct temperature, but that's probably typical for such a big space.
The humidifier works wonderfully.
If you're thinking about getting something nice, this unit fits the bill. As I said, it is more attractive than the photos, especially when the decorative inside lights are on.