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Perfect for Me

After a trip to Cuba, needed to move up to a cabinet humidor to handle an expanding collection of cigars. After a lot of research this one looked like it would fit my needs the best. Good looking, solid and functional. I am very impressed and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

1 month review

Elegant kept asking me for a review so here goes. The humidor was packaged very well. FedEx dropped it in my garage on a pallet. If your not a Commerical address Fed Ex requires you to schedule your delivery.

I had done a bunch of research prior to purchasing buying this humidor so I was somewhat prepared for the issues. Once I unboxed it I sealed all the interior and exterior seams with aquarium grade clear sealant. The door was weather striped and I added some latches. I also added some weather stripping inside the door frame. It took some time to find something that worked well and I liked.

I bought some AC infinity fans to help circulate air inside the humidor. The cigar oasis workes well. I let the humidor sit for a month. The temp and humidity seemed stable at this point. I just load my cigars into humidor.

The work to get the humidor where I wanted it took some time. At this point I don’t even know if this is all I will have to do. None of this was a surprise to me as I had ready previous reviews.

Worth every penny

Fast shipping, and no damage. This humidor is worth every penny i paid. I had to listen to my wife for 6 days before it arrived, once it did she realized that this was going to be my last humidor. Love the style, the way it shows off your cigars.

What a bargain!

Arrived in a timely manner and wow didn't expect to find one that size at such a great price! It arrived from a humid state (FL) to a humid state (AL) and literally required no seasoning. I filled the hygrometer, installed it, saw it already at 70%, couldn't believe it, and waited 2 hours. After 2 hours, it was still above 69%. I immediately started loading it, and it's maintained over 69% since.


Great and reliable humidity device.

I live in central Ohio and our humidity is constantly fluctuating. The Magna 3.0 seasoned my tower humidor in 2 days and I moved my stogies right in. I have a 3500 cigar tower and roughly 2000 cigars in it, and this unit maintains 69-70% humidity easily. It does not require the unit to run constantly, and in the 4 weeks since I first plugged the unit in, I have not had to "refresh" the included beads. I can only give it 4 stars because the app for the wifi enabled unit does not work, and I am technically savvy, so I know how to sync wifi devices on both 2.5 and 5g wifi. The app store reviews also tell me I'm not the only person pissed about the worthless app. I would think a company as successful as Cigar Oasis would have better developers to correct the app issues, but I digress. Other than that, I love the unit. By the way, if you have a larger tower humidor than the Old English, you may want to add additional fans for this unit that are not even available yet.